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Mantra Yoga

on January 1, 2012

My last post was about the significance of the Sun; listing some of the adjuncts and correlations of the Sun to the practice of  Yoga and the metaphysics of Vedanta. From the Surya Namaskar (Sun Prostration) to the  related solar mantras as well as the philosophy of advaita or non-dualism, I tried to reveal that the “I” of Advaita, the “Eye of Wisdom”, the Spiritual Heart (Hridayam), Jyotish and the Sun (the significator of the spine and physical eyes in Vedic Astrology) are synonyms or practices to access the one source of love, light, life and energy.

In the next post, I would like to share the connection between the Surya Namaskar and the Gayatri Mantra (the crest jewel of mantras) from a physiotherapists point of view.  But, in this post I thought I would add some information on mantras  first.

What are Mantras?

Mantras are mystical and sacred sounds from the Sanskrit language whose meaning and sound both correlate and resonate with the sacred geometry of the body and nature, and unite them in consciousness through vibratory effects of sound in the underlying ether of space.

Sanskrit is the language of the Vedas which, according to its own authority, is the expression of the Universe; that from AUM the word was made flesh and this symmetry was divided into 7 levels of sacred geometry in nature and 108 aspects of the universe. The highest teaching of the Vedas are the Upanishads (philosophy of the Absolute Self), and the highest Upanishad, the Munduka Upanishad, explains and simplifies the entire Sanatana Dharma and all knowledge with the eternal significance of the word or AUM or nature (Prakriti). (Sanskrit thriving in British schools)

AUM – the word made flesh (ie. the Gunas)

The Gunas (Wiki) & Maya (Wiki) & Prakriti (Wiki)

AUM & the 3 gunas & states (M = tama, inertia, sleep and night; U = satwa, harmony, dream and dawn/dusk; A = raja, activity, waking and day)

The “Word” & gunas can also be correlated to the 3 Hindu deities where;
Transcendental Father (Siva), Immanent Son (incarnation or solar vishnu) & Holy ghost (Brahma or Creation of 4 elements in space)

ie. GOD = Generation/Brahma/Holy Spirit; Operator/Vishnu/Son; Destruction/Rudra Siva/Father.

Cosmological Order

The “Big Bang” of AUM reveberates throughout the Universe as the original hum that vibrates everything in space. In Vedic thought, the causal order of this is as follows;
AUM (From Nothing) => Gayatri Mantra (becomes Cosmic Solar Source) => Vedas (sounds of nature) => Universe with 9 (Brahma or space)

From AUM (Gravity & Ganesh), the symmetry of the 3 gunas (3 deities, 3 worlds & 3 granthis in body) splits and combines into 5 elements of nature, from this  into 7 rays (electro-magnetic light) with there 7 bija seed sounds operating on 7 cosmic planes/lokas and reflected in the body through the 7 chakras

Sanskrit has 54 sounds and its music of mantra and veda operates according to the 7 levels or swaras as well as chakra petals/psychic nerves.

AUM, Gayatri, Ram all = 7 in vedic numerology and all draw on force of the Sun into our being.

Ourselves – the  natural Mantra, Yantra & Tantra

Our mind, body and heart are the natural mantra, yantra and tantra!

(i) Mantra: Natural breath of So-Hum = mantra, we are continuously breathing in (So) and out (Hum); together fuse at the crown chakra to become AUM

(ii) Yantra: Body as the sacred geometrical instrument with 7 levels (organ, gland, chakra, petals or nadi with bija sounds)

(iii) Tantra: Heart as source of Love, Devotion (Bhakti Shakti) and Energy (Ojas)
(though traditionally associated with worship of the 10 Vidyas of aspects of Divine Mother)

Yogic Astrology (via the breath)

Leo & Cancer rules by the Sun & Moon rule the pingala and ida nadis, the 2 petals of the ajna third eye chakra and right and left eyes respectiviely. The prana is governed by the Sun and the mind by the Moon, and moves from the base of the spine through the nadi up during the waxing of the Moon (in breath) and down during the waning (out breath)

(Note: to check the reality of the gunas effect on  your body, you can observe how your own breath alternates every couple of hours from one nostril to another! ie. right nostril opens more than left, and then transitions to the right between which there is a brief period when both are open. Thus, this connects AUM and the gunas operating within the body; right pingala open = solar raja guna, left ida open = lunar tama guna, both sushumna open = sandhya or satwa guna)

Prana increases up until the Full Moon ripening the mind with vital force and prana, but it is best to “still” the already ripened mind on new Moon day if one want to experience deep meditation states (ie. less life for thoughts to therefore experience Samadhi or the Reality transcending the gunas, time & space)

Pantanjai (Hatha) Raja Yoga & Mantra

In Hatha Yoga, there are 8 steps to ascend. The use of mantra can be incorporated at any step prior to Samadhi but specifically uses;

Pranayama = 4th step (Hatha Yoga of breath) & Dharana or concentration = 6th step (of manas or mind)

Therefore, Mantra Yoga is part of Raja Yoga in purifying the life force (breath) through vibratory effects of sacred sounds as well as for concentration of mind


1. MANTRA – mysitic sounds & formulae

(i) to psychologically control (tra) mind (manas = man)

(ii) but also purify the life force through the breath and,

(iii) to target resonanting organs and chakras to draw on the forces of nature into the body and mind from the one sound of consciousness. As the element of ether, satwa guna and vibration goes up in the body and brain, and more prana can be accomodated into the nadis and nervous system and the effects of mantras become more potent and effective.

(iv) Vedas as forces of nature used shamanistically in Yagnas and Homas to purify the environment

(v) Prayer (directed by the potency of the mantra with its meaning … grants you the power (the secret) that “thoughts are things” and “law of attraction” – grants the power to fulfil desires


As the vibration and prana or life force/breath in the body/mind is purified and raised the mind becomes stronger and introverted, and the intitial chanting can go from outer oral to inner meditative.

Oral => Subtle => Mental => Automatically in the heart => Silence of cosmic hum AUM =>Mouna (Turiyatita)

It is important to repeat the mantra with unity of thought, word and deed (ie. one can  use a rosary to keep count of  the beads but use the correct method with the hand – avoiding contact with the little and ring  fingers representative of the tamas & rajasic gunas – but have the rosary hanging off the middle finger (the satwa guna) and use the index finger and thumb to draw a bead towards you after each mantra. Between each mantra return the tip of the index finger (the ego) to the base of the thumb whilst the rosary are again hanging off the middle finger. This allows  nadis in thumb and index finger to close a circuit and imbibe the bio-resonance vibration from the material used eg.  Crystals, Lotus beads, Rudraksha etc. which itself is getting charged by the middle finger & Satwa).  &

Thought (understanding meaning), word (mantra) and deed (surya namaskar & unity of thought word & deed in everyday life) are all important in getting the maximun effect out of mantra chanting.


Below are meaning of the 7 chakras as the 7 Portals of light  in the body with their attributes of the mind and reflection in the stars!..


1.OM Bhur = Base chakra at base of spine (Cocyx/tail bone)
Duty & Money = Capricon & Aquarius Signs
Bija mantra = LAM (“Bhur” of Gayatri mantra)

2.OM Bhuvah = Sacral chakra above pubic bone
Discliplined creativity & Sex = Sagitarius & Pisces
Bija mantra = VAM (“Bhuvah”)

3.OM Suvah = Navel chakra at Solar Plexus
Determination/Power & Fame chakra = Aries & Scorpio
Bija Mantra = RAM (“Suvaha)

4.OM Mahah = Heart chakra at cardiac plexus/sternum
Devotion & Love chakra = Taurus & Libra
Bija Mantra = YAM (“Varenyam”in Gayatri mantra = adoration in the heart) “Mahah”

5.OM Jana = Throat chakra at neck
Discrimination/Intelligence chakra = Virgo & Gemini
Bija Mantra = HAM (“Janah”)

6.OM Tapa = Forehead brow chakra at 3rd eye area
Detachment/Wisdom chakra = Cancer & Leo
Bija Mantra = KSHYAM (“Tapa”)

7.OM Satyam = Crown Thousand petalled Lotus Chakra (top of head)
Divinity/Oneness/Bliss Chakra = Moons Nodes (kethu)
Bija Mantra = OM (“Satyam”)

Sacred Sanskrit Mantras


* NaRAyana is extened to the word RAm, relates to Vishnu as the imminent Solar presence “I am”
* Bija mantra for Manipur (solar plexus) Chakra
* Solar plexus = Suns exaltation in Aries (note Solar God “Ra” & Ram of Eygpt)
* Ram = 7 in vedic numerology (7 Rays of the Sun)
* Syllables meanings:-  (Ra) fire, (aa) Sun, (Ma) moon as well as means Tat Twam Asi or I am That
* Surya Namaskar => prone position facing the Sun at dusk and dawn, with solar plexus and third eye touching the ground, one repeats the gayatri mantra to imbibe solar force/fire into the body via the crown chakra facing the Sun.
* 12 Suns – Aryaman, Savitri, Mitra, etc. => repeated in the Rig Ved as well as part of the 27 Nakshatras of Jyotish

3 (5) Mahamantras of Hinduism

(i) Gayatri Mantra (Mother of the Vedas)
(ii) “Aum Namo Narayana” or “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” (Vishnu)
(iii) The Rudram mantras or Tryambakam mantra or “Aum Namah Sivaya” (Siva)

Mantras for the Navagrahas (9 planets of Jyotish)

Sun –

Moon –

Mars –

Mercury –

Jupiter –

Venus –

Saturn –

Rahu –

Kethu –

Mantras in other religions

Buddhists … Om Mani Padmi Hum (bring the Mind/Mani in the Heart/Padma)

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