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Solar Yoga – Yoking the energy of the Sun

on December 30, 2011 – Here comes the Sun by George Harrison!

Modern & Ancient Solar Worship?

There is Only One God and He is Light! I am The Light, The Way & The Truth.   Perhaps, they could have added  “I am the Sun” too!.

In Yoga, the most popular form of worship is to the Sun, as well known among Hatha yogis who practice the 12 Asanas of the Surya Namaskar at dawn, noon and dusk to imbibe it’s blessing of life, light and love.

These days the value of the Sun has become important for practical purposes of its inexhaustible source of energy for our planet and its people.

From modern to ancient forms of worship,  I thought it interesting to share a general list to consider:-

A) MODERN – Alternative (Solar) Energy Source

i) Solar Power & Panels

Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight by Thom Hartmann is a book worth reading

You tube – Solar Cooking

ii) Atlantean Technology – according to Edgar Cayce and others , this ancient civilisation used a forgotten technology based on (ruby) crystals to harness the power of the Sun  and magnify and generate an energy source/grid for practical life.

B) ANCIENT Vedic (Solar) Practices

(Shamanistic Tantra – Sun & Moon worship and the 5 elements)


i) Hatha Yoga = Surya Namaskar (Sun Worship through a 12 step physical exercise prostration to the Sun; usually performed thrice a day – between 4-8 am dawn, 12 noon & between 4-8 pm dusk). Has become popularised in the west for its health benefits.

ii) Brahmapanam Mantra = Ancient food prayer to Agni or fire to help burn, digest and cleanse food


iii) The Aditya Hridayam = Ancient rejuvenating mantra that increases solar vitality; making a person strong and aura invincible. It was used by Rama in the Ramayana to defeat Ravana and other enemies of Dharma.

iv) The Hiranyagarbam Lingam (gold) Worship – the lingam is an ellipsoid shaped egg that is the closest mathematical representation of the Formless Reality in Vedic thought. Gold is symbolically associated with the Sun and its worship also attunes the mind to the Sun.

v) Gayatri Mantra = “Mother of the Vedas”. A Sanskrit Vedic mantric chant that uses the power of sound to attune the mind vibrationally to the powers of the Sun.

vi)The Ram mantra – an ancient bija mantra that is related to the 3rd solar plexus chakra in yogic physiology. Rama was also the 7th major Avatar  in the Vishnu Puranas of Hinduism, and was apparently born about 20,000 years ago into the Ayodhya Raghu dynasty (a Vedic Solar dynasty). His story is supposed to exemplify the pefect solar hero qualities and ideal that stands out for mankind. Interestingly, in yogic physiology the 3rd chakra is ruled by Aries (and Scorpio) where the Sun gets its exaltation and maximun amount of vital fire for digestion and robust health.


vii) Jyotish – Vedic Sidereal Astrology with its related remedials – eg. Sun corresponding to the bright half of the year (its movement northwards), Sunday, gold, ruby, safron, certain herbs. Yagna/homa/pujas using related items are also used to propriate the Sun.

The Sun is the main source of light (jyotish) in our solar system and it determines time.

Jyotish is used as a means for self knowledge to find out our true identiy through the outer Sun to the inner Sun of the Soul or Atma where all powers of Consciousness are contained.

Along with Biren Katie’s work, Phyllis Krystals work; and others, Jyotish becomes a very useful tool for seeing through our patterns and nature to acquire impersonal knowledge.

viii) The Jyotish Dynamic Meditation recommended by Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This involves a dynamic practice of concentration on an flame that brings light into the mind’s eye and through visualisation carries this to light the inner sun of the heart and carry this energy around the inner body as well as around their world.

ix) The Sun of “I am”. Advaita Vedanta teaches the non-duality of consciousness. As a play of light, the source of this consciousness is one’s Being and the feeling of “I amness” or existence. I am (is) the Truth, the Light and the Way!

Ancient texts on this philosophy stretch back over 20,000 years (Vaishsta Yoga) long before the great Advaita teacher Adi Sankacharya. More recently, teachers have included Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta Maharaj and currently, Ramesh Balsekar and Echart Tolle.

x) sa”I”  r”AM”

Interestingly,  devotees of   Sai Baba use the mantra “Sa-i R-am”, which is perhaps the “form” aspect of the formless principle “I am”, thus using the form of the guru to rid the ego of its body identity through devotion and arrive at the formless wisdom of “I am” as consciousness, and access their inner Sun (Ram), ie. from the gross to subtle essence of the inner sun; ignorance of ego to Beingness of NOW.

The World is a Canvas to the Imagination; the World being the Guru, the Canvas the Self, and the Imagination the illusionary Maya that makes them seem separate. Thoughts in the Wilderness of a Pathless Path to Truth. Tat Twam Asi! I am That I am!

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