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Eat, Pray, Love…”the Way” through Sex, Yoga, Tantra!

on December 26, 2011

Considering  the popular book “Eat, Pray and Love”,  I thought someone should write a slightly more evocative version,  playing on the same corresponding themes and words, and call the book;  “Eat, Pray and Love your Way through  Sex, Yoga, Tantra!”.

 I know this is nothing new and many books are out there that have covered this   topic already. However, as far as I know not with this same title and connotation. And, as we all know sex sells; yoga is growing in popularity world wide; and TANTRA is an elusive and enticing topic that seems to encompass the two. Just mention to someone you are a Scorpio, and a similar reaction might be conjured up by the word Tantra!

And, despite the recession, or because of the recession, more and more people might be turning to spirituality to find some peace in a mad world. Especially in America, where  sex, yoga and the Way of Zen Buddhism appears to be growing in popularity as well as a business opportunity to market to this inner need of people.

And in writing such a book, all one would have to remember is to add a few koans with tongue in cheek humor and let that lift and transport the reader away from stress into a Tantra with the NOWness that is!

The parallels can be made with eat, pray and love. I mean, we all need to eat, and this is not just food, but also the word of sensory objects. We all want something, and pray or practice something for it. And we all need,  knowing or unknowing, the same love, tantra, union and happiness.

Of course, this is not just about sex, but union or Yoga with our  real Self and the solution lies in the psychology of Tantra and the understanding of our relative and Real Self.

In the world of duality, this can appear as a relationship with our feminine or masculine side or opposite. There have been many books about this and as far as Tantra, the focus has been on sex sublimation through loving sex. However, I thought a good book could be put out there that compares; not only the left and right hand paths of Tantra, but comprehensively presents what Sex (psychology)  & Tantra is,  in the context of Yoga, Vedanta & Brahmacharya.

To start with,  food and sex are just forms of the same energy; how they take expression depends on the preference and practice of the person.

Of course, prayer might be equated with bhakti yoga (or the path of devotion). And, in Yoga,  devotion or Love is the source of all energy and power (bhakti shakti); whether that devotion is to action (karma), the beloved (bhakti), knowledge (jnana) or the Self (raja) depending on the psychology of the person.

So Love and Tantra becomes synonyms that find  resolution in the unity of  Being. Anyway, I have added a link at the bottom about sex and relationships, that focuses on the spiritual side of sex. However, just to put things in perspective I have highlighted some authorities on the subject of sex, yoga and tantra below that can be referenced should anyone feel inspired to write such a book?!

Brahmacharya abstinence (vs  Vamacharya left hand path)

Firstly, I think it is important to clarify in one’s multi-dimensional definition of what is sex. In the context of Yoga and Tantra, it is also necessary to clarify the yoga concept of “brahmacharya”.

Many people think brahmacharya means abstinence, but more clearly it means one contemplating Brahman or their Consciousness; ie. meditating. Brahmacharya just refers to the practice of consciously choosing to manage, direct and control one’s energy for higher purposes.

Here is a short flow chart to indicate the natural progression in making this choice.

Unconscious/gross sexual act (lust or pure pleasure!) => understanding and acceptance of  one’s own sexuality and the sexual act =>loving sexual act => tantric sexual act => sublimated sexual act => refining of the sexual act => less sexual  thoughts => no sexual thoughts => no thoughts (state of Brahma or ether of space and consciousness; ie. pure bliss of Being). ie. Tamas to Satwa & Diversity to Unity of thoughts/objects/desires.

LIST OF TEACHERS (philosophical & spiritual)

– on the topic of Sex – Psychology & Practice –

Here are some teachings to consider for a research into the topic:-

Freud (father of modern psycho-analysis & sexual psychology)

Philosophy:- Unconscious, psycho-sexual development, libido, fixations, repressions etc.

Solution:  Individual verbal psychotherapy0 (psycho-analysis), free association,  transference etc.

Osho – Sex to Superconsciousness –

(Note that in Jyotish astrology, Osho had an alluring Taurus/Rohini Ascendant with nearly all his planets in the 8th house of sexuality & tantra, in the teacher sign of Sagittarius, with Jupiter exalted 8th from the 8th house ie. in the 3rd house of Cancer, granting him intuitive knowledge of this topic)

Philosophy:- that sex and spirituality are not separate and it is the one universal energy , prana, life force or kundalini that operates through the  body-mind complex and nerve plexus, organs, glands and  chakras.

Solution:-  Anti-repression approach. ie. the road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom

Sathya Sai Baba – Marriage is for control of the senses & ceiling on desires; “Lust is to Dust”!

Philosophy:- that of Work, Worship, Wisdom where WIFE stands for Wisdom Invited For Ever  or  Worry Invited For Ever! ie. that marriage and a WIFE can be your life (Shakti, strength and support) or knife!

Solution:-What is needed is understanding and adjustment. Sounds simple enough?!

Bhagavad Gita

Philosophy:- Thinking about sense objects will attach you to sense objects; grow attached and you become addicted. Thwart your addiction, it turns to anger. Be angry, and you confuse your mind; Confuse your mind, you forget the lesson of experience; forget experience, you lose your discrimination; Lose your  discriminiation, and you miss life’s only purpose.  Lust is never satisfied by gratification, it only flares up more and more, like fire fed by butter.

Solution:- Renunciation of desire (Moksha) or Path of the House-holder (Kama, Artha, Dharma – enjoy wealth and woman righteously)

Pantanjali Yoga Sutras

Philosophy: “Yama is abstention from harming others, from falsehood, from theft, from incontinence, and from greed”.

Solution:- “Yoga and purification in word, thought and deed.  Sexual activities, the thoughts and fantasies of sex, use up a great portion of our vital force. When that force is conserved through steadfast abstinence , it becomes sublimated as spiritual energy….. To be freed from the idea of sex is  to achieve purity of heart. Sex is inseparable from attachment, and attachment is an obstacle to spiritual knowledge…. Such energy is indispensable  to a spiritual teacher, it is the power by which he transmits understanding to his pupils. For true religion is not “taught” like history or mathematics; it is transmitted like, light & heat”…. Up to a certain point, temptation increases with spiritual growth. As the aspirant ceases to be a mere beginner and gains some mystical experiences, his personality becomes magnetic. He finds that he can exert psychological power over others, and also sexual attraction. At the same time, his senses grow keener and more capable of enjoyment. It is therefore easy for him to become involved in power and sex-relationships which make him forget his original purpose. The very people who are drawn to him because of the god-like quality they see in his nature may be the ones who are most responsible for his gradual alienation from God. Even when such a lapse takes place, we may believe that the spiritual aspirant will eventually find his way back to the path” – Swami Prabhavananda & Christopher Isherwood

Dr David Frawley:- –

Philosophy: Introduction to right hand Tantra

Solution: Vedic Psychology & the 10 Vidyas (Divine Mothers)

Sivananda (Raja Yoga) & Ramakrishna (Mystic Tantric Mother Worship) & Vivekananda 

Philosophy:-  Be wary of 3 things on the serious path to supreme Yoga;

FOOD: 3 no’s =  excess salt, onions, & garlic! (some include excess cheese & mushrooms)

SEX: 3 no’s = Wine (& meat), Wealth(& gambling) &  Women!

Solution: Avoid these 3!?

Yogananda –

Philosophy:  – illumined Yogi who started the Self-realisation Society in the States. Wrote a lot on Yoga and development of the mind and divine personality.

Solution:- Kriya yoga and transmutation

Sri Aurobindo & the Mother – &

Philosophy: Integral Yoga

Solution:  & (very good site on the topic)  &  search for light

Raman Maharishi & the Buddha (Ramesh Balsekar & Eckhart Tolle)

Philosophy: Self-inquiry “Who am I?”,  to question everything before you accept it & to stay present to what is

Solution: Ignore the person you take your self to be, including the identification with the body-mind complex and its desires; ie. “who has the sex instinct? Is it you or something separate? You are always pure! Otherwise, moderation in all things (the middle path)

Napolean Hill – author of one of the first self-improvement books  (like the “Secret”) called “Think & Grow Rich” – reveals the art/evidence of sex sublimation.

Philosophy:- That creativity and libido are inter-related, and that sex sublimation and management leads to greater powers of mind, creativity, success and self-actualisation.

Solution:- Like the book “the Secret”, it teaches indirectly, that “thoughts are “things” and the “power of attraction”. Perhaps needs to add “purity if intent” too?!

Julius Evola – Metaphysics of Sex, Riding the Tiger, Light of Sex, etc..  Visit Books

Mantak Chia (TAOIST) – & of many books on practical sexual tantra and control for greater  pleasure, power, bliss, satisfaction and sublimation of sex in marriages and relationships. ie. sex  & the art of Tantra for a balanced life of   Love with Yoga (Chi). Official site:- & books

Other similar sites:-

Indira Devi – – classic author on yoga and health & sex benefits of its practice

Ananga Ranga & Kama Sutras – classic Indian authority on the art of love-making. Reveals secrets on sexual types and compatability, as well as ancient potions, positions and techniques for increased sexual success, pleasure and fulfillment. &

Living example of Nisargadatta Maharaj – probably the best example of a modern day sage of the highest order (full blown Jnani or Realised Being) who lived a spontaneous, normal life in the heart of Bombay (next to a red light district) selling beedies (Indian cigarettes), having a wife and children and running a business, but fully established in the Transcendental State!  The book “I am That” has become a classic work on advaita, and along with “Autobiography of a Yogi” & “Living with the Himalayan Masters”  is one of the well read and popular books on Indian spirituality in the west. Books on Nisargadatta Maharaj.


Finally, here is a more descriptive article on the topic.

I wrote it years ago and put it under the 2nd chakra of my yoga-chakrapedia-portal (related to astro-yoga-chakra correspondences):-


COMPATIBILITY in Relationships

When it comes to compatibility, you might want to consider Jyotish Vedic, Western & Chinese astrology into the mix. Take a look at the Appendix 5 of this link post – HAVE YOUR CAKE & EAT IT! – the 5 pies to relationships:- Character, Credentials, Chromosomal, Compatibility & Contact Chemistry!

APHRODISIACS OR VAJIKARANA (Rasayanas for sexual regenerative strength)

Example Foods = Cane sugar, milk, curds, ghee, masha, urad dhal, almonds, cashews, seasame seeds, garlic, onions, drumsticks, Vitamins (eg. Zinc for Men)

Example Herbs = Shatavari & Aloe Vera (female), Ashwaghandha & Saw Matello (Male), Kapikacchu, Licorice, Saffron, Bala, Mahabala, Vidarikanda, Gokshura, Meda, Kokilaksha, Kakoli, Shilajit (Himalayan Mineral), Ginseng, Gold Bashma

Generally, in Ayurveda, the common herb for men’s sexual vitality is Ashwagandha, & for women is Shatavari. An excellent aphrodisiac is to use these herbs with Kapikacchu. For men, concerned with hair loss, and women with skin blemishes, Ayurveda provides many herbal solutions.

For more on herbs =>



Bliss (1997) – IMDb

Tantric Books


Some more wiki references:-

64 Pillars of Tantra

More related authorities &  information:-


Greeks –

Schopenheur  –

Philosophy:- emotional, physical and sexual desires can never be satisfied. Central work – “World as Will and Representation”

Solution:- lifestyle of negating desires, similar to the ascetic teachings Vedanta, Buddhism and the Church Father of early Christianity was the only way to attain liberation. Had great influence on Nietzsche – “real father of modern psycho-analysis?”

Nietzsche –

Philosophy:- opposed and criticised Schopenhauer’s philosophy despite appreciating his central work.

Solution:- (Will to power / Superman)


Otto Weininger (misogynistic) –

Philosophy:- Book Sex & Character – gender differences

Solution:- abstinence & genius

JJ Bachofen (Matriarchal religion, Feminist theology & Matriachy) –,

Philosophy:- ‘The Mothers and Olympian Virility

Solution:- motherhood is the source of human society, religion,  morality, and decorum.


Masculine Psychology  masculine psychology & masculinity & patriarchy– Books to do with manhood include;  “Iron John” by Steven Bly,   “He: Understanding Masculine Psychology” by Robert A Johnson,” Manhood” by Steven Biddulph, “The Masculine Self ” by Christopher  etc.)

Carl Jung

Philosophy:- Anima Animus, Collective Unconscious, Archetype, Synchromicity, Complex, Introversion & Extroversion

Solution:- Mysticism & alchemical psychology

Abraham Maslow &


Richard von Krafft Ebiing – psychopathia sexualis

Nymphomania, Satyriasis & OCD, &


Sir John Woodroffe

Mircea Eliade (Sacred & Profane)

Heinrich Zimmer


Max Muller (one of the first Indologists)

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