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Jesus Christ – the perfect Yogi & Master

on December 25, 2011 &

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Merry x-mas world!  Had a lovely x-mas experience here in Puttaparthi at the Sathya Sai Baba ashram. Beautiful decorations and carol/Gregorian singing by the Christian foreigners from around the world, followed by a sumptuous, vegetarian diner at the Hanuman Rock Cafe. And it is such a nice, light lift to the ashram and a pleasant change from the usual Vedic chanting.

So, I felt inspired to share my thoughts, influenced by Sai Baba’s teachings, on Jesus – the Chirst; the sweetest (male) incarnation, along with probably Krishna, to walk the planet. 

As an Anglo-Indian mix, I have grown up with a Hindu Saivite father and a protestant mother (who became a Sai Baba devotee),  I love the philosophy of Hinduism, but feel I am more a Christian at heart! It’s love and sweetness cannot be found in Hinduism like it was represented by Jesus;  except again,  maybe in Krishna. Of course, there have been examples like Chaitanya, Ramakrishna, Yogananda, Mirabai, the list goes on and on; as well as other Avatar, Vibhuttis, Prophets, Bhaktas,  Sad-gurus, Jnanis, saints and mystics, but in Jesus, to me,  the spirit and level of love, compassion and sacrifice are hard to find parallels in the history of man.

What I find interesting is the controversy about the historical facts about the man, his mission and message. To the the Christians, he is the “only begotten Son of God” who suffered for our sins; to the Gnostics (, he was an Essene Master; to the Muslims, he is another of the Great “Prophets” who came before Muhammad (the last and final Prophet, ie. to create a world religion?); to the Buddhist’s he is considered an enlightened “Boddhi Satwa”, who according to some references, was known in the Tibetan world as “Isa”; to the Hindus he was a “Perfected Yogi” who attained God realisation (Oneness with the Father) and was born and sent with a specific spiritual mission for that time in history. For example, the difference between the 2 major religions of the world on Jesus (Isa):-

According to other “alternative” authorities, such as the American sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce, he was the re-incarnation of many other Beings mentioned in the Bible before him (eg. Adam, Elijah, Joshua etc.), and that he was some kind of first representative of man who attained union with the father (which is different than the Hindu concept of a Vishnu Avatar – or descent of the Godhead Himself).

This idea has been elaborated upon by Joshua David Stone ( in his books about Masters of the past.   He is a pioneer of the Ascension Movement and established the “I am” University. He implies many more incarnations of  Jesus,  the being, before and the one after his life as Jesus. A lot of his ideas co-ordinate with an alternative interpretation of the resurrection; as an Ascension in vibratory inner levels as opposed to literally physical Ascension into an external heaven. They also co-ordinate with the “Ray” concept found in the Theosophical movement, and the idea of  hierarchical ” initiations” to do with planetary, solar, and galactic levels of being.

Apparently, according to him, it is at the 4th initiation that the Being makes an important Ascension (death of the personality & ego/soul levels to the “monad” level), and that in the life of Jesus, he made this Ascension on the cross, and was “over-shadowed” by the Christ or Maitreya for the purpose of His mission (as well as the 5th initiation of the Christ/Maitreya through this process!). According to Stone, Jesus, the Being,  re-incarnated soon after in the incarnation as Appollonius of Tyana, for  his 5th initiation.

Just to stretch your imagination a bit further, many into the idea of a galactic federation and the new age Ascension circles, explain that “Jesus” is still amongst us (all be it, in another dimension) as an “Ascended Master” of the 6th Ray (the Ray of devotion). In the galactic set up, he is now known as Lord Sananda (part of the Ashtar Command – and is apparently helping the Earth and humanity in this critical time of cosmic alignments,  galactic photon belt, 5th dimension ascension into a golden age (from 2012 onwards?).

Lastly, as far as the concept of a second coming of Christ that has been espoused by the Theosophical Society (previously, expects to be over-shadowing Krishnamurthi who renounced the role, Jesus is supposed to either reappear at a specific time to usher in the new age of Peace. This new “Aquarian” Age is supposed to herald a great golden period of heaven on earth. This was also prophesied by Nostradamus, the Hopi Indians and others.

More recently, this prophecy of the second coming had been campaigned by Benjamin Creme (, who later revealed that the Christ was living in England as a  Pakastani man living in London.

Please visit this You tube for the latest phenomena of the second coming There is also lots of channeling information on the web -eg.

Coming to the concepts in Hinduism & Vedanta, transmigration and re-incarnation is acknowledged within the paradigm of causality and dualism as a logical explanation for an intelligent creation and it’s evolution. The life principle evolves into higher life forms through physical, astral and causal development (bodies and states) until it’s maturity allows the apparent soul to realise the “maya” of illusion through a “leela” of love into a unity with consciousness, thereby releasing itself back into the ocean of life again and eventually transcending it all together to reach “the Peace that passeth Understanding”.

For the Sanata Dharma of the Hindu, this is reached by all religions, paths and yogas through practice and over time through the loving relationship between the individual’s sincere, loving effort and the immanent and transcendent grace of the form and/or One formless God.

However, as explained in my earlier posts, there are 3 (to 5) main categories in Vedanta philosophy depending on the level of perception, temperament, identification and evolution. These are Ajata philosophy (non-causality), Advaita (Non-dualism), Qualified Non-dualism, Dualism (& Causality; whether macro-world or micro-body levels).

Thus, from the most simple level of causality, Yoga admits of the concept, and Hinduism has explanations of this; most notably in the Bhagvad Gita but also in the Vishnu Purana. From this stance, it admits of “jivas” or souls attaining God realisation (God knowing you!) through Self-realisation; that God (That) and You (“I” as consciousness) are One. And, that this happens by re-incarnation & Karma (law of sow & reap); physically, mentally and ultimately, from moment to moment into the ever-present NOW until Karma (& Maya) is transcended by dis-identification.

It also admits of the “descent” or appearance of  “Avatars” (the Godhead himself – the all pervasive Vishnu or the Cosmic Consciousness made flesh). And, it also admits of Messengers or Prophets who attained oneness with God or Consciousness and abided in the Absolute transcendental principle (Siva, the Reality or “Tat).

Thus, from the Hindu point of view, and mine for that matter, Jesus was a perfect Yogi, Prophet & Master who attained God realisation, Jnana and transcendence. He became God. There was no separation. What came through Him, in action, word and deed, was Cosmic Consciousness with God knowing Himself!

So in reference to the earlier ideas put forward by others about the second coming, I am not sure about them because they are all dualistic and continue the causality chain when, from the point of Vedanta, the illusory “he” or Absolute “He” was established in Non-causality of Reality, and “who” would come back to a world, that from the infinite, eternal, timeless, spaceless, unfathonable, pathless path and stateless state does not exist! Or, is a blink of an eye of the Absolute. Rather, He was not the son of God, or One with God, persisting with the dualistic expression of the concept, but more specifically IS, removed of name and form, the Absolute itself.

This does not mean that I disregard the eternal connection available through the mind identifying and worshiping the archetype of Jesus for the beautiful qualities he evokes and we imbibe; nor the fact that the Absolute can appear through the consciousness, life force and mind of the worshiper by the Grace of formless God. What I find hard to accept is that Jesus will re-incarnate into a body as a separate being again. More clear to me would be that God would take birth as an Avatar; and that this incarnation is Cosmic Consciousness Itself!… with all names and powers within it. And, perhaps, the Christ Consciousness will come back as an Avatar of the Godhead, or the entity “Jesus” might have remained on the causal plane to make his final return and second coming  to inaugurate the “Golden Age” before merging with the Godhead.

This brings me to the concept of an Avatar of God as opposed to a Prophet or messenger of God.

In the religion of Hinduism, more specifically, the Vishnu Purana, on the level of cosmology and causality, there is the concept of time cycles called Kalpas, Manavantras and Yugas. Within a Yuga (a sub-cycle), there is the prophecy of 10 main (22 minor Avatars) that will take birth at specific, critical periods of transition (often from one age to another) in order to effect the transition, re-establish dharma or righteousness and weed out or transform a whole collective consciousness.

The the most well known examples in Hinduism are Rama (of the epic Ramayana), who lived in the Treta Yuga Silver Age, and Krishna (of the Mahabharata & the Bhagvad Gita), who lived at the end of the Dwarpa Yuga (Bronze Age) just before our current Kali Iron or Dark Age.  They were the 7th & 8th of the 10 main Avatars; each Avatar representing an aspect of the God-head and the 9 planets with the 10th encompassing them all.

Rama was a prince/king from the solar dynasty and represented the qualities of the Sun and embodied all the qualities of heroism and honor. He was the ideal man and the Ramayana and it’s character’s set the perfect example for humanity to follow Dharma (Righteousness) and Sathya (Truth).

Krishna, was a emperor from the lunar dynasty and represented the qualities of the Moon and embodied all the qualities of charm, attraction and beauty. He was the ideal Purna (or full) Avatar containing  all the 16 qualities and powers of God (concept related to metaphysics in Hinduism) and He delivered the “Gita” or the eternal song and philosophy of God to help carry souls across the ocean of Samsara or illusion. He set the example of  Prema (Love) and Peace (Shanti). Actually, Krish-na means “all-attractive” with “Krish” relating to attraction and “na” to all or humanity. Thus, Krish-na and Christ both might have a similar linguistic and metaphysical root source.

So coming back to Jesus Christ, the perfect Yogi and embodiment of Love, the man, the mission and the message. I don’t think he was Avatar, but rather included all the definitions by all the religions;  a prophet of God, a perfect Yogi, a Boddhi Satwa, a son of God and a God of Love.

This brings me to another parallel between Hinduism and Christianity. Both have the Trinity; which as I have explained in earlier post is, in Hinduism or Sanata Dharma, related to the 3 qualities and states of Nature; ie. GOD as generator, organisor & destroyer with the 3 corresponding inner and outer states and gunas; rajas, satwa & tamas. Here, Siva (the destroyer) relates to the Father (Transcedental); Vishnu (the organisor) to the Son (Immanent Consciousness Principle); Brahma (the creator) to the Holy Spirit (creation).

From this point of view, the we are all Avatars, sons and messengers of God  because we all have the imminent principle within us (Kingdom of Heaven within, make Thine Eye single, etc…). But, as explained earlier, to clarify the concept, an Avatar is the Cosmic Consciousness manifest (or Father & Son Oneness) born under no “Karma” but following the law of Love. Whereas, a Son or Soul attains this via Realisation; whether a Prophet or a Yogi.

So this brings me back to the Message of Jesus.

Jesus made 2 statements that are very interesting to me, from the philosophy of Vedanta and its 3 general levels; dualism, qualified non-dualism and non-dualism.



I am the Way, the Light, the Truth

I am the messenger, I am the Son, My Father & I are ONE

(I am in the light, the light is in me, I am the light)


From my love of Vedantic philosophy and Yoga,

These three statements correspond to:-

Dualism, qualified dualism & non-dualism (read earlier post)

Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga

Selfless Work, Worship, Wisdom

Body/ego level identification & transcendence => Mind/Consciousness level identification & transcendence => Intellectual dis-identification  & transcendence

Now as far as the Bible goes, I understand that the 2nd of the 2  statements made by Jesus was made in progression with Jesus’ growing development from dualism to non-dualism, or at least his symbolic explanation of these 3 Vedantic points of view.

The biggest confusion arises with the assumptions and interpretation of what was meant by the word “I am”?! IF taken from the body-mind complex level, we personalise the impersonal nature of Consciousness to its attributes; ie. the name, form, personality identification. However, from the view of Advaita, non-dualism and Consciousness, He was referring to God as the “I” principle synonymous with intelligence of Consciousness & its projection; Nature.

In this sense, Jesus was revealing the mystery of, and path of  Self-knowledge; ie. Self-inquiry and inward discovery of one’s true nature as the Son or Consciousness; this was the message and the Way to the One; “BE STILL and know that you are God” (ie. experience Samadhi; where “sama” means stillness, and “dhi” means intellect).

To do this, one has to go within and find the source of the “I” or Consciousness and abide there. This is the 8th step in Pantanjali’s Yoga sutras and it is useful here to remember the definition of Yoga; which means to “union with the Supreme” or to cease the agitation of the mind caused by selfish desire and ignorance.

But, of course, for most people too busy with earning a living, looking outwards lost in phenomena intellectually or physically, and not experiencing the source of life, the mind naturally associates it with the superficial level of interpretation and takes Jesus to be the Man; and the only begotton Son, when in fact, He became Christ, the Cosmic Consciousness.

In this sense, I am not interested, and do not see the point of all these New Age ideas about the Second Coming or Ascended Masters, which only projects the mind further out theoretically, then understanding the essence and message of the teachings; that You (your “I” as Consciousness) too “IS the WAY, the LIGHT & the TRUTH”! And that life itself is the Holy Spirit or Guru to teach and take one within, & without, ONE.

But usually the mind need to become one-pointed first, and for this the “Guru” without can take the form that most please the temperament and conditioning of one’s mind, with its divine, satwic, purifying qualities. So for Christian, this is the Love attribute of Christ Consciousness, exemplified by Jesus; His life & teachings.

Jesus, the Christ

As mentioned earlier, from my background, with a Hindu father and Christian mother,  I interpret the symbolism and message of Christ through the influence of Yoga & Vedanta with it’s 3 levels of  philosophy. To me, the symbol of the Cross is the most significant lasting representation of Jesus, as well as the act of the crucifixion and resurrection. Apparently Jesus appeared on the “scene” about 28-30 years of age and ended with his death at 33 years of age.

From my perception and opinion,  Jesus attained final Realisation on the Cross, where He established Himself not only in the level of advaita vedanta of Non-dualism (Advaita Jnana), but transcended Consciousness and abided in the Absolute. Up until the final moment, he felt abandoned and pronounced “Father, why hath Thou forsaken me”? This was the final death of the “ego-ignorance” consciousness in the mind,memory and man we call Jesus.Up until  this moment, he might have had experiences of Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Cosmic Consciousness, but there was still some knot or attachment to Consciousness.

In Yoga philosophy, there are 3-4 knots of consciousness; Brahma granthi in the navel (knots of desires), Vishnu granthi in the anahata (knot of compassion), Rudra granthi (knot of the Guru), but the final knot is the chit-jada granthi (consciousness-world knot)  around the Hrit or spiritual Heart centre. When one enters Samadhi, this knot opens and the tendencies of the mind are washed in the Heart. However, it is only with final abidance that the knot stays open when all bad, good or any tendencies are left in the mind. Then, not only the body consciousness disappears forever, but the inner and outer become One stillness of Consciousness and that gets sunk into the beyond, Reality or Absolute. Then, in Yoga,  the person is a “jiva-mukta” or dead whilst alive, and may continue to appear to live in the Sahaja (Samadhi) or natural state.

So to me, Jesus, as the Man finally died to Jesus the Christ after this final “test” (whether self-imposed or from the Father) on the cross. This is the real significance of the Cross; the cross of the “I” or the false ego to the Absolute Self. In Vedanta, it is best expressed through the 4 Mahavakyas (eg. Tat Twam Asi or “I am That” or the individual and the Absolute are ONE).  In the Bible, this has been best expressed as “I am That I am”.

Why Jesus had to go under so much suffering I have no sure ideas, as this is all conjecture. However, possibly, he was such a loving incarnation,  such a huge Spirit, with so much Power, Love, Compassion, and attachment to Beauty, this final liquidation required this ordeal as well as served the purpose of teaching the people of the era and conditions of the time. Perhaps He did absorb a lot of the Karma of the people of the time and fulfilled the necessary commandment of the “Father” for humanity and its future.

Jesus, the perfected Yogi & his Mission

Whilst it is hard to prove, or clearly decipher, the life and purpose of Christ; unless one has become like Him and One with the Absolute, with infinite and eternal Omniscience, Omnipotent and Omnipresence; the impact of His life has been tremendous with only Mohammed, Buddha & Krishna having had such a profound influence on the minds of man. However, his message is clear;  Love Thy neighbour as ThySelf”. It is Universal despite the interpretation of man through the passage of time.

And listening to his life, it is clear that He was not just a Prophet. He was a radical, an orator, a healer and a Yogi! One only has to read Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras to see that many of his feats where those achieved by Yoga and the mysterious powers of nature and the mind. In His case, it is obvious that these were born of and exercised with Love (Bhakti); the source of all Shakti or Power.

What seems obvious to me from His dress and teachings was that He was a Gnostic, a Fakir, a traveling monk, a Yoga Sanyasi. According to the Dead Sea scrolls,  He might have been an Essene. It definately appears that he traveled, maybe even as a beggar searching for the Truth, after 12 years of age. There is evidence that He was in Tibet as Isa according to the findings of Notovich, (Notovitch), as well as India &  Egypt; where he must have learned and mastered the teaching and practices there. In my opinion, it was during this time that he perfected Yoga and evolved from the “Messenger” to the “Son”. He was realising His divinity during these lost years until He realised He was a Prophet following the Divine Command to his inner destination and final freedom on the Cross.

For those more interested on this topic, they should read Holger Kersten’s book “Jesus Lived in India“. IT is well written, researched and clear.

What might also be of interest if the concept that Jesus, after the crucifixion, did not die, but resurrected through His Power of Yoga (ie. he never really physically died in the first place but was in Nirvikalpa Samadhi with cessation of bodily functions?). The real death was the “ego” death of Jesus. This does not mean that he was still there, but rather the cosmic consciousness continued to appear in that form for as long as the Parabahda karma of the body lasted. In some interpretations, God or Christ Consciousness continued to walk, eat, talk and teach through the vehicle of the body until its final dissolution into Nirvana, nothingness/everythingness with a final physical death in Srinigar, Kashmir;  where lies the only  tomb set according to Jewish customs along with other Muslim tombs.

Anyway, the concept of resurrection and Ascension might appear as something else when interpreted through the philosophy of yoga and Vedanta. (eg.  “I shall make all things new” –  including resurrection of the body by the power of Yoga).

Sathya Sai Baba on Jesus – “Cut the “I” feeling clean across and let your ego die on the Cross, to endow on you Eternity”

Now that I am at the Sathya Sai Baba ashram, I thought I should share what He has said of Jesus. Some of his ideas, I have used above in my understanding of him. What is clear, is Sai Baba had often, every x-mas for the last 30-40 years, talked about the life and love of Jesus. Celebrations each year consist of  decorations,  carol singing, plays on the birth and life of Christ, candle lighting in the morning after, musical performances by his students and Christmas diner.  Sai Baba has  often indicated the symbolism of the cross is the death of the ego and extolled the example of  sacrifice in the life of  Jesus.

More relevant to the information above, Sai Baba has explained in books that Jesus was a Prophet and not an Avatar but attained God realisation; much like Siddhartha Buddha did before him.

Sai Baba taught the ancient path of  Sanatha Dharma, unity of faiths,and most significantly,the universal message of Love & practical Service. His simple but profound teachings are summarised by;

Love All, Serve All; Help ever Hurt Never; Unity in Diversity

Start the day with Love, fill the day with Love, end the day with Love, this is the Way to God


There is Only One religion, the Religion of Love

There is Only One language, the Language of the Heart

There is Only Race, the Race of Humanity

There is Only God, He is Omnipresent


His emblem is the Sarva Dharma Symbol of the 5 values and 5 major faiths:-

Hinduism (Aum), Christianity (Cross), Islam (Crescent Moon & star), Zorastrian (Fire), Buddhism (Wheel) and later Judaism (Star of David)

Non-violence (Ahimsa),  Love (Prema),  Shanti (Peace), Sathya (Truth), Right Action (Dharma)

To me,  Christianity and Jesus best represents this principle or aspect of God as  LOVE (Prema). It’s symbol could be the Heart, just as the Dove for Peace, the Sun for Truth, the Hand might be for Right Action, & the CND symbol for Non-violence. What the world needs is this appreciation of unity in diversity and tolerance, to appreciate the Love of a Christ, the Beauty of a Sufi, the Scorch of Skepticism & Science, the Balance of a Buddha & the Truth of a Jnani.


Finally, a brief note on metaphysics. As explained earlier, 5 and the pentagram is the number most related to man and nature with the Fibonacci number and the 5 elements.   From the above, I correlate Christianity to Water and the planet Venus. To me, Jesus was an incarnation of this planet with its associated qualities of Love & Beauty.

What would be interesting is to research more about the metaphysics and symbolism behind Jesus and His life.  For example, looking at the Cross as for 6 squares on a 2 dimensional plane,this can be folded into a cube. The cube is found in Mecca as the Kaaba, and the Kabbala Tree of life has 10 Sephiroth + 22 paths leading to 32 initiations and final Mastery of life at the 33rd stage. In numerology,  33 is a Master number. There are 33 vertebrae containing the spine through which the Kundalini force rises. Jesus “died” on the Cross in His 33rd years on cross.

Things like this are random workings of the mind, but I feel that metaphysics with its symbolism and metaphor can sometimes help  access patterns, help synthesis, develop insight, effect understanding and tolerance,  and even inspire one along the path.

Well, thanks for reading. And have a Merry X-mas & have a happy, inspired New Year… (Movie Jesus of Nazareth) (Passion of Christ)

Some known devotees of Sathya Sai Baba

Prof Anil Kumar - Translator

V Anand Chess Player

President Kalam

Ratan Tata



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