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Vedanta Parallels for Medicine, Physics, Psychology & Philosophy

on December 23, 2011

Yoga means to unite. I thought it interesting to draw up a potential unity in the diversity of scientific theories with that of the 3 general metaphysical philosophies of Vedanta; non-dualism, qualified non-dualism & dualism.

Thus, below is a structured  introduction to how western philosophy (with its 5 aspects) lends to skepticism & the scientific method. This is followed by a table on vedantic parallels at 3 corresponding levels  in the 4 disciplines of medicine, physics, psychology and philosophy. Finally, there is a list of Vedantic concepts of the mind. The intention is suggest a potential grand synthesis between western philosophy & Vedantic metaphysics for left & right brains!

 Western philosophy = Theory of Knowledge (epistemology) => assumption, bias, axiom, logic (Aristotle), induction & deduction, language, argument (dialectics), perception, aesthetics, mind, ethics, God, metaphysics => leads to  SOCRATIC SKEPTICISM.

=> Research of Scientific Method (Descartes-Bacon) to Empiricism (Locke) to Logical Positivism (Russel) to linguistics (Wittgenstein & Chomsky) to Analytics (Shaw).

Research Statistics Methods (experimental, descriptive, correlation => multi-regressive computer packages ie.  patterns detection & analysis) What is Research? & See – Yoga, Astrology & Meat – future research

=> SCIENTIFIC THEORIES conceptually categorised
(progressive correlating to the vedanta metaphysics of consciousness)

=> VEDANTIC(ally) from Dualism to Qualified Non-dualism to Non dualism


Vedanta categories for scientific theories

TRINITY PARALLELS – for Dualism, Qualified Non-Dualism, Non-Dualism

(For more on Western synthesis of Science & Metaphysics)

3) NON-DUALISM (Ajata-Advaita Philosophy)

I am That I am, World is Brahma (Non-Causality-Oneness), I am the Light

Resound / Pure Subjectivity => Objectivity = Subjectivity

PHILOSOPHY – Ajata-Advaita

Dattatreya, Shankara, Ashtavakra, Vaishista, Ramana, Nisargadatta, Balsekar, Lao Tsu, Socrates

Monism, Metaphysics – Pythagoras

PSYCHOLOGY – (Maslow), Jungian, archetypes, Jyotisha

PHYSICS – Einstein Special relativity, Time is One, pre-determination => Bhor’s theories of Wholeness

MEDICINE – Ayurveda & the Mind, symptomatic of nature, body language, omens, phrenology


I am & therefore I think, Brahma is real (Spontaneous Creation), Seer ship, The Light is in me

Reflection / Subjectivity

PHILOSOPHY – Madwa, Sankhya, Pantanjali

– Existential – Heidegger, Nietzsche, Berkley

PSYCHOLOGY – Freud (Psycho-analysis) to Gestalt & Cognitive

PHYSICS – Quantum, Uncertainty principle, apparent free will etc.,

MEDICINE – Brain Neuro-physiology & bio-chemistry (hemisphere, lobes, memory, learning, plasticity, massively parallel, synaptic non-reliable components, perception, holographic models)


World is real (Causality & gradual creation) I think & therefore I am, I am in the Light

Reaction / Objectivity

PHILOSOPHY – Ramanuja, Karma & Re-incarnation, Confucius, Aristotle, Kant, Descartes, Darwin

– Cause & Effect
– Empiricism & Functionalism

PSYCHOLOGY – Functional & Structural – Behaviorism to Freud (Psycho-analysts)

PHYSICS – Newtonian, Big bang, “M” Theory, Special Gravity, 11 dimensions

MEDICINE – Bio-medical model, anatomy (& posture), physiotherapy, bio-mechanics, movement analysis, genetics (nature vs nurture) Darwin vs 100th monkey theory for mutation and adaptation


The above sciences classification is by no means an authoritative one, but I thought it was an interesting proposition.  For more on the concept of bridging Vedanta with a western approach, you can read the Appendix of my educational proposal; via  the edu-create proposal or

Sciences, as theoretical categories, has been progressed to the arts and then to the humanities with the a concept of how to bring in financial intelligence into schools. The proposal was given to UNESCO secondary education  in 2005.

1.SCIENCES (theoretical categories) => 2.ARTS (historical/race categories) => 3.HUMANITIES (geographical categories) => business aid planning with financial intelligence (1st Chakra Portal) & internet technology (5th Chakra Portal)

The hope is that one day, metaphysics, yoga and a chakrapedia search engine could be introduced into schools as way to integrate spirituality, holistic health and creativity into learning.

The above categories can be further classified into 5 levels of macro-dualism (world), micro-dualism (body), qualified non-dualism (knower), non-dualism (oneness) and non-causality with the latter, non-causality, beyond categories. Thus, without non-causality, learning can be classified into 4 levels of learned ignorance?!

4 Levels of Knowing (ignorance based on the “I am” assumption)

Known “Knowns” – relative truth

Known Unknowns – relative truth of ignorance

Unknown Knowns – relative ignorance (even Omniscience of all relative knowns)

Unknown Unknown – Absolute, Truth or Reality (Unknowing State)

Note that the first 3 are based on the dream of  Consciousness whilst the last leads to unlearning and waking to That which transcends consciousness (knowledge as ignorance) and relatively speaking, bring about an integration of western & Vedantic theories of knowledge.

Western Greek philosophy of  Socrates  = Vedantic expression of Nisargadatta & Ramana

“I know that I do not know” = “all knowledge is learned ignorance” & “all knowledge is ignorance”


Ways of Knowing in Vedanta

THE MIND in Vedanta

i) 5 ways of detecting :- by the light of Sun, Moon, Fire, Sound, Atma (Self)

ii) 5 senses as 5 organs of knowledge

iii) Instruments of mind – Antarakarana (chitta-memory, manas-percpetion, buddhi-intellect, ahamkara-ego)

iii) Sheaths of mind (ie. “manomayakosha” & “vijnamaya kosha”  correlating to manas/mind and buddhi/ intellect)

iv) 5 levels of mind development (Concrete, Supermind, Higher mind, Illumined mind, Over-mind/Cosmic)


i) Direct perception (highest) ii) Inference iii) Testimony iv) Analogy v) Indirect inference
vi) Non-apprehension


i) Hearing ii) Reflecting iii) Contemplation


i) Scriptural Vedic authority ii) Reasoning iii) Intuitive experience (highest)


i) Secular ii) Common sense iii) General iv) Discriminative v) Practical (highest)


i) Dualism (Micro to macro) to
ii) Qualified non-dualism to
iii) Non-dualism (& Non-causality) – ie. path of Self-inquiry

6 DARASHANAS (Metaphysics)

i) Sankhya ii) Yoga iii) Logic iv) Atominism v) Vedanta vi) Ritualism


i) Grammer ii) Pronunciation iii) Poetic meter iv) Etymology & Lexicology v) Ritual
vi) Astronomy/astrology

METAPHYSICS (Samudrika – divination)

Jyotish, Vastu, Ayurveda, Numerology, Palmistry, Face reading,  Tajika (Omens)

Link to post with a general list (categories) on “History, Memory & Ways of Knowing”

Tesla was convinced that everything in the Universe , of galaxies and electrons have consciousness, that the Cosmos is One Intelligent Living Organism. (Super Consciousness)

Nikola Tesla used ancient Sanskrit terminology in his descriptions of natural phenomena. As early as 1891 Tesla described the universe as a kinetic system filled with energy which could be harnessed at any location. His concepts during the following years were greatly influenced by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda was the first of a succession of eastern yogi’s (eg. Yogananda, Maharishi Yogi, etc.) who brought Vedic philosophy and religion to the west. After meeting the Swami and after continued study of the Eastern view of the mechanisms driving the material world, Tesla began using the Sanskrit words Akasha, Prana, and the concept of a luminiferous Ether to describe the source, existence and construction of matter. Tesla’s understanding of Vedic Science was the pre-requisite for the free energy systems envisioned by him (Earth. We Are One)

Everything around us is the result of frequency:-

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