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Yoga Chakrapedia Portal Pics

on December 22, 2011

This image is an esoteric/occult representation with the various symbols of the major religions integrated into the temple of the body/man/God through the 7 chakras of Yoga. Note the image is within the lingam/mirror whilst the coiled serpent (Kundalini) base below and 5 hoods above are surrounding it. Yoga tree of life! – the macrocosm reflected in the mirror of man

If you look closely, you will see that the image is of the “mind in the heart” where the real “I” (Eye) resides. Also, the right side (male) is embracing the left side (female) with the 7 chakras vertically in the middle.  For a more detailed description, follow this link:- JiVa 5 Lotus – Metaphysical House – Isaight design

One response to “Yoga Chakrapedia Portal Pics

  1. I like this website because so much utile stuff on here : D.

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